IMP PUMPS defined ways of increasing energy efficiency on IV All-Russian conference of energy conservation centers

On June 24, at the two-days off «IV All-Russian Meeting of Energy Saving Centers» in St. Petersburg (Russia), a lively event took place. Over 60 regional Russian and foreign guests gathered at the round table. Among them were representatives of IMP PUMPS.
It should be noted that IMP PUMPS is a partner of the «LOGIKA-TEPLOENERGOMONTAZH» consortium in the implementation of energy-saving projects in Russia.
An example of successful cooperation was the project for the installation of block heating units «TEM AITP» in apartment buildings in Priozersk, Petersburg Region.
The project was implemented using circulation pumps of the IMP PUMPS brand, the total increase in energy savings at the facilities reached up to 30%, while maintaining the comfort of heat supply.
Vlado Loncar, Head of the Representative Office of the Slovenian IMP PUMPS in Russia, took part in the general discussion.
In his report, Vlado Loncar emphasized the possibility of overcoming any difficulties in the synergy between Partners. According to the speaker, it is «the similarity of views on the energy-saving development strategy» that allows IMP PUMPS and the «LOGIKA-TEPLOENERGOMONTAZH» consortium to facilitate the way to achieve goals and implement projects of any scale and complexity.

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