🌿 Celebrating September: A Month of Health & Wellness 🌿

September is special at IMP PUMPS, as it’s our dedicated month of well-being. Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve embraced this month:
🍏 Fresh Apple Mondays: A crisp start to each week, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

🏞️ Team-building outdoor activities:
🏔️ Hike to the beautiful Viševnik Mountain
🌄 Hike to Mirna Gora Hill
🚣‍♂️ Adventurous rafting on the Kolpa River
🏐 Friendly Beach-Volleyball match
🚴‍♂️ Thrilling mountain biking on Krvavec

🚑 First Aid Lessons: Equipping our team with essential life-saving skills.
As we wrap up this month, we’re committed to nurturing a healthy, happy team. Thanks to our dedicated employees for making it all possible! 🌟

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