The quality policy is based on vision and mission of the company. A prerequisite for market success is a high level of quality. This is incorporated into the product at all stages of formation; from market research to its delivery. Only in this way can we fulfill our strategy; achieve the highest quality level at the lowest cost. Our quality system is built in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

The work of our company is based on the efforts of all employees to work without error, with responsibility for their own and joint work. Production work is based on the principle:

Do not accept products with an error – Do not make mistakes – Do not submit products with an error

Continuous adaptation to market demands, innovation and competitiveness are ensured by involving all employees in the process of continuous improvement. We are constantly improving the products, the efficiency of processes and the quality of management system. Quality policy is developed by the company’s director in cooperation with the company’s management. Each employee is responsible for his work, which he must carry out in accordance with the quality policy, Standards and other Rules of Procedure, to meet all the expectations of business partners, customers and users.

All processes are fanatically focused on efficiency and 5S.


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