The high-efficiency HOME PRESSURE BOOSTER

Electronically controlled high-efficiency pumps for heating, air conditioning, cooling, and sanitary water. The NMT (new motor technology) circulating pumps are used for the transfer of liquid medium within systems for hot-water heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation. They are designed as single variable-speed pumping aggregates where the speed is regulated by the electronic device. The pump constantly measures pressure and flow and adjusts the speed according to the set pump mode.

Electronically controlled wet running circulating pump: For all heating systems, air conditioning, closed cooling circuits, and industrial systems, used in accordance with VDI 2035.

Product details:

  • Automatic pressure boosting to satisfy water needs
  • Inverter motor for high efficiency and total control
  • ON/OFF button
  • Silent functioning
  • No presence of a mechanical flow switch (no noise and a lower possibility of faults)
  • Ceramic shaft and bearings for a longer working life
  • Optional adapter for 200mm fitting length

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